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François Primault - Interior Designer in Bordeaux

Graduated from ENSAP Bordeaux in 2007, I've dedicated myself to creating architecture that is both simple and authentic, yet undeniably contemporary. My approach is deeply rooted in understanding and responding to the unique needs of my clients. As an architect, I'm committed to delivering personalised solutions from the initial sketch to the final handover. Think of me as a bespoke tailor for your living spaces. I meticulously design environments that are closely tailored to meet the social and psychological dimensions of those they are designed for. The opportunity to create spaces where individuals will live, evolve, create lasting memories, and experience profound emotions is, for me, the soul of this profession.

Shops we recommand in Bordeaux

Check out the stores we recommand in Bordeaux and in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. These stores specialized in furniture and decoration allow you to arrange your interior in the style that suits you the most: design, contemporary, industrial, nature, scandinavian, vintage or classic. By working with our decorators and architects for your interior design project, you may benefit from preferential discounts from these stores.

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